We are just one week into the New Year and New Decade! Whether you make resolutions or not, one thing is for certain. It is important that we all assess our current job situation, and perhaps begin taking steps to find new employment or consider change.

We keep hearing that the economy is strong, but we’re not all feeling it. The good news is that there are a lot of job opportunities now. However, the reality is that the competition is fierce, and that the application process is probably much different than it was the last time you were job searching.

How do we tackle this challenge? First, give yourself a break by tapping into services that will guide you through the process, because on your own it can be overwhelming. Did you know that there are career counseling services provided by JEVS Human Services that will help you write your résumé, improve interviewing skills, learn to network, and effectively use LinkedIn? These services may also help you to figure out a new career path—if that is your intention. JEVS Career Strategies program staff can even use their employer contacts to network you into interviews!

You can start by taking these key steps, or maybe even creating a checklist:

  • Research career assistance programs and their offerings. Some services, including JEVS Career Strategies, provide both in person and virtual (Skype or Zoom) appointments.
  • Feel free to contact JEVS Career Strategies to check out our range of one-on-one services. Scroll down for contact info.
  • Think about what your needs or goals might be.
  • Consider what’s preventing you from reaching those goals. (It’s okay to not know the full answer to this—experienced counselors can help!)
  • Reach out with a call or email. (If you have to leave a message, leave your phone number with a clear voice.)

What Happens if I’m Looking for Job Search or Career Transition Guidance?

If you decide to contact JEVS Career Strategies, our staff will answer any questions you have about our services, schedule an appointment, and ask about your needs and circumstances. Questions may include:

  • What is your current employment situation?
  • Are you looking to stay in the same career area or make a change?
  • Do you have a current résumé? Will you need to update one, or create a new one from scratch?
  • Have you been on an interview recently?
  • If yes, have you had any callbacks?

Congratulate yourself, because you’re taking the first step to a new job or career path! Experienced career counselors are ready to help you start 2020 with optimism and hope.


If you are interested in learning how JEVS Career Strategies can help individuals get to the next stage in their careers or job search…

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