In recognition of Older Americans Month, we would like to shine the spotlight on our community supports and adult residential programs that are providing seniors with the customized supports and care they need to remain healthy, safe and productive in the community.

JEVS Community Residential Rehabilitation Services provide community homes for individuals with a behavioral health diagnosis throughout the Greater Philadelphia region. In particular, two community homes in Northeast Philadelphia serve individuals who are all over 60 and have mental health conditions.

In these homes there is a direct support professional available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Direct support professionals assist the residents by helping them cook meals, wash their clothes, go to doctor’s appointments and by assuring they are taking necessary medication. Tasks that aging individuals may easily forget to do.

The supports these individuals receive are customized to each person’s needs. Most individuals in these homes see a psychiatrist for medication management, and some receive therapy and case management. In addition, we help our older clientele manage a variety of health conditions including diabetes, arthritis and even cancer.

Our older folks may face challenges with mobility issues, but JEVS staff are able to arrange for accommodations and adaptive equipment for them to keep them safe. We also try to find ways to keep our older clientele active by getting them out in the community, whether staff take them out to dinner or just for a walk in the neighborhood. This focus on wellness and healthy living is especially important as older adults may tend to feel more comfortable sitting around in their homes.

We would like to introduce you to Vanessa and James, two residents from our community homes in Northeast Philadelphia:


Vanessa, 65 years old, was living independently in her own apartment, but when her care team decided that she needed a higher level of support, she moved into a JEVS community home. She has a nurse and a direct support professional that help her manage her diabetes and arthritis. When asked how she feels about the community home and the supports she receives, Vanessa said with a smile, “I like it. It’s wonderful.”


73-year-old James has been living at a JEVS community home for almost two years. He is currently in a wheelchair, but is working his way up to using a walker with help from his physical therapist. He receives help with meals, medication and going to doctor’s appointments. When asked what his favorite part is about living in the community home, he said, “I get everything I need.”

JEVS community supports and adult residential programs are helping to prevent seniors from going into nursing homes by providing them with a place to live and building supports around them. Even if it’s not their permanent home, we help make it their home as long as possible.

“Our goal is to provide them with the wellness supports they need to help sustain them in the community,” said Clara Thompson, senior vice president, community living and home supports.

To learn more about our community supports and adult residential programs, click HERE.

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