A new year, a fresh start. A chance to rebuild.

In the past 365 days at E3 Power Center City, milestones were achieved. A prom. GED attainment. Internships and work experience. Graduations. First jobs. College acceptances.

All achieved by resilient members who bucked the odds, in a city where less than half the young adults have a job, and where individuals lacking a diploma are three times more likely to be unemployed.

“I had to realize my friends didn’t have my cap and gown – I did.”

Helping youth achieve their long-term educational, career and personal goals, the dedicated instructors worked to open doors and break down barriers, while providing new experiences for members – and allowing them to build their own pathways.

“This is the beginning of my journey in becoming a better person.”

Do you know an out-of-school youth between the ages of 16-21 in the City of Philadelphia? 2017 could be their year – just like Lakesha, Monica, Lance, and so many others.

“I can’t wait to finish one goal and move on to the next, because ten years from now, I can look back and say, ‘Wow. I really did it.'”

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