I moved to Narberth Station about 7 months ago on October 17th, 2015. My first day I got to my apartment, I put all the pictures up on the wall and organized my room. My favorite part of Move-In Day was making my apartment my own. I got my bedspread and got my picture. It was fun having a say about my own room. I live with my friend, Nicole, and we’ve been roomates before, so it felt comfortable coming up with everything in the apartment together.

I felt a little nervous and excited. I was nervous because I was moving into a new place and new area, and I was getting excited because it was my first room. The first night, my roomate and I went to our first PIN event. It was cool to see the town. My parents were nearby. When the event was over, we went back to the apartment.

It felt weird when my parents left. I was thinking OMG, am I really doing this? Before I went to sleep that night, I noticed a lot of noise that I wasn’t used to hearing; people outside, and the vent. The next morning, the fire alarm went off and woke us both up. A great way to start the first whole day in our new apartment. 

I’m glad I have my own room.

By Chrissy

Posted in JEVS Program: Independence Network