Elyse and Sean are one of PIN’s thriving couples who explained their relationship at PIN and offered advice to other PIN members looking to date.

Sean and I met in college for people with special needs called NYIT in the Vocational Independence Program. We were friends for several months before we started dating. We’ve been together for over five years…Dear god, over five years! That’s a long time!

We joined PIN with the intention of living together. Most programs like this wouldn’t allow you to live with your significant other. PIN didn’t have much experience at the time with different genders living together, so it was kind of a trial and error. Director Jill was
really supportive of our relationship from the beginning.

When asked what advice they would give other PIN couples or members looking to date, Sean responded, “Learning how to compromise is everything in a relationship.”

Elyse’s answer was,”Desperation can be a turnoff. In general, you don’t need to validate your existence through the existence of another to be happy.”

By Elyse and Sean

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