Laura, Assistant Teacher at Kids Korner Narberth, explains how PIN encourages her to focus on the highlights of her job and why that is important.

Having a job can create a greater sense of independence. This is something that is front and center to PIN’s mission. Having come from a previous long term job, it has been scary starting over again, but a necessary part of my quest for greater independence. Having tried out many different jobs has helped me to see what I do and don’t want out of an employer. Having a disability can be a difficult thing at times. But it has forced me to work that much harder to prove that I am just as competent as my counterparts. While I may not like every aspect of my job, PIN has helped me to find the positives such as a child’s smile or their look of wonder when they learn something new.

The staff at PIN has helped me to come up with tools and strategies that I can use on the job from day to day. PIN has helped me to find the positives in job hunting, helping me to realize that one job does not have to be my forever job. While I may not have yet found my forever job, I have found a job where the good outweighs the bad and this is a step forward.

By Laura

Posted in JEVS Program: Independence Network