In a Q&A with PIN members Jon and David, we take a look at the fantastic support PIN gives to its members and how that impacts their personal experiences.

Q. Do you have a favorite PIN memory?
Jon: The Chinese Lantern Festival. There were various lights. I remember the dragon. I waited until nighttime to take a photo of everything! And there was the Phillies Game. A couple of friends went. Jon, Dave, Adam and I went. I liked going. Phillies won. Phillies win every time.
David: Going to Dorney Park, went on a lot of rides.

Q. Do you feel supported at PIN? How?
Jon: Yes, getting extra help when needed from Carly, Jill, and Meghan. And I also get help from Saundra with basic things. I see them almost every day. Saundra helps me clean around the apartment, keeping organized, cooking and various things. Some people might need help more than others.
David: Yes. Helping me staying focused. Helping with my job, social help and time management.

Q. What advice would you give to a new PIN member? What would you tell a new PIN member about your experiences?
Jon: Take some time adjusting here. You’re coming from a completely different environment from either living with your parents or living at college. I’m used to not being able to walk anywhere I want, so I was excited about that. I like to go into town to walk around. a lot. I just like the idea of being in Narberth. It’s a lot of fun here and you make a lot of new friends.
David: Don’t be afraid to ask questions and get help. You will learn a lot. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes.

Q. What has been your greatest success at PIN?
Jon: Volunteering at Alex’s Lemonade Stand. I helped out by asking people to write why they came. We were putting paper lemons on our shed, so you could write why you came out so we could put them up. I just thought it was cool. I felt happy and tired because I walked the whole school.
David: Getting a job at Villanova.

Q: What has been your greatest challenge?
Jon: In Montgomery Park, where I live, it’s more than $40 to keep a dog, so my dog Suky lives with my mom. She’s
breaking all my mom’s rules because she can’t control her. Suky used to sleep with me all the time.
David: Saving money and budgeting.

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