PIN member Jon sat down with Carly Hagen, PIN’s Mentor Associate, to share some helpful insight for prospective PIN members. Jon celebrates three years at PIN in September 2016, and is happy to meet any newcomers.

Q. What is your favorite part about PIN/being a PIN member?
A. My girlfriend, my supportive friends, and the fun activities. You get to live in your own place.

Q. What are the most fun activities to do at PIN?
A. Going out to restaurants, games, beach trips and fun card games!

Q. Do you recall your first day at PIN? What did you expect from the program? Is PIN better than you expected?
A. I did not expect to make many friends. I did not expect to have a girlfriend. Yes, it is better than expected. They help you stay organized, offer support and help, find jobs, keep apartments organized. And Narberth has great restaurants!

Q. What would you tell a prospective PIN member? Why should they enroll at PIN?
A. PIN is fun. You are independent. It is social; you learn about jobs, and get to live in Narberth. Great mentors and great support.

By Jon

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