Chrissy B.
The SEPTA app helps me on a weekly basis because it tells me when the next bus is coming. At the moment, I am volunteering at Penn Wissahickon Hospice. In order to get to and from, I have to take the bus. I look on the app to see when the bus will be at the bus stop. The app also lets me know if the bus is going to be late or on time. Along with the SEPTA app, I use the calendar app on my phone. This app allows me to put in my social activities, as well as my volunteering schedule.

I use the ListEz app to help me make shopping lists, and can check off each item as I pick it up.

Elyse P.
Video games help me with my anxiety. They help keep my mind off of what I am worried about and more on the fun of playing a game.



Kyle M.
The game that I play on my phone is not the most interesting game to play, but it does have its benefits. This game does take my mind off other things that may be bothering me at that moment. The game can get boring to play after time though, so this leads me to want to move on and do something else that may be more productive.


Jonathan S.
The Alexa device is set up in my bedroom where it can be heard from all around my apartment. I use it for daily reminders of my schedule and checking the weather. I am still discovering new features on the device that will further help assist me with my day-today


Nicole D.
I like to read my book when I feel like I need to calm down or get away from things that are bothering me. I pick a calm quiet place in my apartment, and I read for a few hours. This allows my thoughts to wander toward what is going on in the book rather than focusing on what is bothering me at that time. After I am finished reading I find that my brain is a lot calmer and I am able to think more clearly.


Chrissy A. and Nicole D.
We have framed reminders hanging on our walls in the apartment. We have one to give us the steps to use the washer, dryer, and dishwasher. We have one next to our door to remind us of what we need when we leave, emergency contacts and our address.



Sam S.
I have a standard grocery shopping list set up on my phone. Each week I can just edit it to add what I need.



Aaron E.
Every week I work with someone from the PIN team to develop a weekly calendar. I put everything on my calendar that I need to do that week – chores, work, fun activities, and appointments. Each category is color coded. I keep the calendar on my refrigerator since I go there a lot.


David M.
I use a Flip Fold to help me neatly fold my laundry. I also use a microwaveable omelet maker to make sure I start my day with a healthy breakfast.




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