By Jill Gromen, Director of Operations

Philadelphia Independence Network (PIN) program will celebrate its 7th birthday in the fall of 2018. In less than a decade, PIN has grown and evolved from just an idea, to a fully operational program that is currently serving 28 young adults living in the Narberth community.

The roots of the program include a strong collaboration between the young adult members and their families, JEVS Human Services staff, and multiple community partners in and around the Narberth area. With ongoing collaboration among all stakeholders, each member is supported and encouraged to follow his/her own path toward living a rich, fulfilling, and independent life. The PIN Program allows each member to set and explore their own goals toward independent living, by building life skills, providing employment and career advancement opportunities, and developing social networks to foster independence, friendship, and meaningful connections.

The success of the PIN program in Narberth now serves as a model with the ripple effect of JEVS Human Services replicating the program in Collingswood, NJ. Along with the help and dedication of new young adult members and their families, the New Jersey program is actively taking shape.

Since the beginning of PIN, we have collectively strived to make meaningful program improvements as a community. Together, we have learned how to create a culture of employment and how to embed employment support into everyday life. We are diligently working together to better understand the impact of support and how to capture what is and is not working in the program. Finally, we are continuously seeking additional community partners who will offer new and diverse opportunities to the members, and who will help us to increase access to anyone who wants or needs what we have to offer. On a daily basis, we have the distinct privilege of watching the members stretch themselves, grow as individuals, embrace risk, and take the next steps along their journey of independence.

Little shifts and small changes can lead to big breakthroughs and major accomplishments…we are all stronger from knowing one another. This is us…and we would love to include you.

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