In their own words, PIN members share just a little bit about their diverse interests, personalities, talents and accomplishments.


“I work at Trader Joe’s. I love watching sports and playing video games.”
– Adam F.


“My job is to teach kids with disabilities how to draw anime and I sew weighted blankets.”
– Elyse P.


“I just completed a boating safety course, just in time to spend my summer in LBI on my Boston Whaler.”
– Jonathan S.


“I brush fossils at the Academy of Natural Sciences.”
– Matt T.


“I’ve gone snorkeling in Puerto Rico.”
– Dillon S.


“I know how to sail and spend my summers up the mountains on the lake.”
– Ryan S.


“I am a Cosplayer and sometimes sew my own costumes.”
– Evan R.


“I know how to ski and spend my winters up the mountains. I have a shore house and spend my summers in Wildwood.”
– Chrissy B.


“I help people with disabilities to find jobs, and I can relate to them because I have been in their shoes.”
– Josh S.


“I am writing a novel. I began writing it on my typewriter, I have now switched to writing it on my
– Kyle M.


“I am known as the PIN movie expert.”
– Jon S.


“I am a Certified Peer Specialist, I want to use my experience to help others.”
– Ethan C.


“Elyse and I are the only 2 PIN members who share a birthday, September 22nd.”
– Jacob B.


“I love playing video games. My
hope for the future is to become an animator for video game design.”
– Sean M.


“I am a long distance runner for Special Olympics. My goal is to compete in the USA games in Seattle.”
– David M.


“I just completed my Child Development Associate (CDA). I hope to have my own classroom one day.”
– Chrissy A.


“I enjoy staying busy and keeping active. I am currently taking a Zumba Toning class with my roommate.”
– Nicole D.


“I own my own Taiko drum and know how to play 4 songs.”
– Jackson D.


“I’ve traveled the world, I am a painter and I have an eclectic taste in music. I have a dream to bring better awareness to the importance of bike helmet safety.”
– Sam S.


“I have lived in 3 different states, Pennsylvania, Alabama and Georgia. I have made lots of friends in all 3 states.”
– Dustin R.


“My middle name is Kotossi, which is West African. It means protection.”
– Laura K.


“I went cage diving with Great White Sharks in South Africa, and they didn’t let me out of the cage.”
– Ari Z.


“I cooked for over 50 people at once. I made ribs, brisket, burgers, sausage and chicken.”
– Aaron E.


“I was the first PIN member to have a pet. My dog’s name is Cinnamon, and she is 13 years old.”
– Jackie U.


“I love being around water and enjoy kayaking. I also love being quiet in nature.”
– John B.


“I am the newest member at PIN.”
– Connor H.
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