On Episode 1 of Where Policy Meets People, we explore the possibility of an inclusive economic recovery. With unemployment at a high in the Philly Metro region—and across the country—what does a post-COVID labor market look like? Who has been hit hardest by the pandemic and how do we get them back to work?

Newly upskilled and employed Deb Sacca shares her journey of underemployment, unemployment, and a job search during a global pandemic. Fatima Martin of PA Careerlink, a one-stop career center operated by JEVS, helps unpack the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) and opportunities in public workforce system. Katie Spiker of the National Skills Coalition illustrates who has been hit hardest economically by the pandemic and shares a path towards an inclusive economic recovery. Nicole Tranchitella of Accenture discusses the important role of employers in the region’s recovery.

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