On Episode 2 of Where Policy Meets People, we explore the connection between infrastructure and economic opportunity, particularly for women. The pandemic hammered industry sectors in which women’s employment is more concentrated like restaurants, retail and healthcare.  With a national discussion around major infrastructure investment, including training to prepare jobseekers to access these good jobs, could this be an opportunity for women to thrive in an industry in which they currently make up only 10% of the labor force?  Just how does infrastructure equal economic opportunity and can these “non-traditional” employment opportunities be part of the solution?

Philadelphia’s Councilwoman Cherelle Parker, the Chair of the Delaware River Port Authority, and Leslie RichardsSEPTA General Manager, talk about the real economic (and jobs) impact of investment in bridges, transit and roads. Kathy O’Malley, SEPTA lineman, talks about finding her calling and making a good living doing a “man’s job,” and Christine Bronson of JEVS’ Orleans Technical College talks about the contributions women are making in male-dominated sectors like construction.

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