Ten years ago when The Choice is Yours (TCY) was launched in Philadelphia, diversion was novel concept in justice reform.  Now, with nearly a decade of success at TCY, we take a step back to look at how these programs work and why should they be considered in community strategies to rethink crime and punishment.

To understand how these interventions work, we talk to Ed McCann, First Assistant District Attorney in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, who is currently replicating TCY in his jurisdiction.  For a national perspective, we spoke to Kirby Gaherty at the National League of Cities, working on justice initiatives within their Institute for Youth, Education & Families.  For a first-person perspective, Jason, Trey and Katie share their personal stories as participants in TCY as they work toward clean records and fresh starts.

The Choice is Yours is operated by JEVS Human Services in partnership with local justice system partners.

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Warning:  This episode contains explicit language.