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Care Management Team

At JEVS we take great pride in what we do because we are truly dedicated to improving the lives of those we serve. Therefore, each and every staff member strives to uphold our organizational core principles in order to provide you, our participants, with the utmost in customer service, integrity and excellence.

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Center of Excellence Teams

Our Center of Excellence comprises team members who follow best practices in providing support to seniors and adults with disabilities, and are leaders in managing each individual’s care. Our teams strive to provide quality services and support to more than 3,000+ Program Participants in their own homes throughout the southeastern Pennsylvania region. 

JEVS Supports Coordination team, operating since 1984, consists of 45 highly trained, dedicated and seasoned employees who lend their combined years of knowledge and expertise to our Program Participants. Our goal is to coordinate services and supports that help people live, work, and participate more fully in their homes and communities. Our Service Coordinators are responsible for connecting Program Participants to resources, assessing service needs, supporting independent living goals, monitoring service utilization, and advocating whenever possible to get your needs met.


JEVS Nursing Home Transition team includes a group of dedicated, resourceful Transition Coordinators who assist nursing home residents that are physically able and motivated to transition out of a skilled nursing facility to the broader community. The team assists in the creation of a community-based care plan to provide for home care and other services as required, including skilled nursing, therapies, community integration, durable medical equipment, pharmaceutical and home modifications as needed. Members of the team will also help Program Participants locate and secure housing and facilitate household setup upon returning home.

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