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Highlighting a Year with PASS

Students from George Washington High School and H.H. Furness High School spent after-school hours in the PASS Program – Preparing For, Attaining and Sustaining Success, operated by JEVS. Seniors and juniors alike picked up valuable life skills, received college or post-secondary guidance, and developed key socialization techniques while exploring their own interests and developing plans for future success.

Many of our seniors are about to graduate, and 98% are planning to attend a college, university or trade school in the fall. Our junior students picked up some terrific presentation skills, developing and researching – and identifying possible solutions – to key challenges in their own communities. 

Here are just a few of their stories.

*Content created and produced by students. Views expressed are those of the authors or interviewed subjects, and not necessarily reflective of views held by JEVS Human Services and their staff.

JEVS Human Services Presents PASS Research Presentation Day 2017! Watch and listen as talented juniors from George Washington High School present their own research and identify solutions to challenges and barriers within their community.


"I'm headed to CCP to become an early education teacher. I've been inspired by the teachers at George Washington, and by Gloria from JEVS. They made me realize that someone can impact your life by the smallest things, and I want to impact the lives of others."

- Christina
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Where Have You Been...and Where Are You Going?

Script rehearsal time before Research Presentation Day!

Year of PASS 2

"I'd like to go to school for nursing. I'm very grateful for PASS - it was very helpful to receive the guidance and scholarship advice."

- Merina, who will attend Holy Family University in the fall

Seniors in the PASS Program visited West Chester University in November.

Year of PASS 4

Best friends - and GWHS Seniors - Emmanuel and Abin are ready for their next steps this fall.

Year of PASS 5

"I want to be an OBGYN, and Gloria and Jen really helped me understand the decision-making process when it comes to when to apply and where. My mom told me to find a college program, and I'm glad I found this one."

- Asia-Meyon, headed to St. Joe's...with a Merit Scholarship

"Through PASS, I learned about SAT prep classes and about how to choose colleges. Penn State was my first choice, and after being accepted there, my parents are very happy for me."

- Joby, who dreams of a career in Information Science & Technology

Year of PASS 7

New discoveries - figuring out our own personal identity and the identities of the communities we live in - are part of the PASS curriculum. This helps fuel deeper insight into personal and community challenges, barriers, and ultimately, solutions.

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