JEVS Project WOW is a career pathways program that gets youth on the right track for employment in the information technology (IT) or building trades industries through skills training, GED test prep, career exploration and more. Here are some frequently asked questions about the program:

  1. Who is the best fit for the program? 
    A youth is a good fit if they meet our eligibility requirements (18-24 Philadelphia resident without high school diploma), are driven towards bettering their lives, and are committed to participating in the full length of the program (6 months, Monday through Friday). It is okay if students don’t currently feel a strong connection to either of our training tracks (IT or trades), as long as they are committed to attending instruction for the full length of the program.
  2. The program is located in Northeast Philadelphia and requires some off-site volunteer participation. Do  participants get help with transportation? 
    Yes- all participants receive a Septa Key Card which is loaded with a weekly TransPass to use for transit anywhere in the city. For participants that drive, we are able to provide monetary support with purchasing gas.
  3. Are there any incentives, rewards, stipends during or at completion of the program? 
    There are no stipends associated with the program, but the cost of participating is free. Students receive incentives in the form of VISA gift cards for things like consistent attendance, taking a GED test, completing a certificate, etc.
  4. Does having a juvenile justice or criminal record ban you from the program?
    No, it does not. We have students currently with a criminal record.
  5. About how long is it before you would start the job placement portion of the program? 
    The length of the program is 6 months (July-Dec, Oct-April, and Jan-June), and we start placements in the 5th and 6th months of the program. We have a Job Coach that specifically focuses on connecting students to jobs, apprenticeships, internships, and other employment opportunities, as well as an Academic Facilitator that supports students with applying to post-secondary education. We provide these services for at least one year after the students finish the program.
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