After years of a life filled with chaos, it’s hard to figure out which direction to take. Getting to “normal” is not as easy as some make it out to be. You first have to envision what “normal” looks like. It takes a particular combination of coping skills, creativity and determination that not everyone possesses.

Jhanee Franklin, a 22-year-old Olney Philadelphia resident, had a rough start in life, spending years in the Deparment of Human Services system after experiencing abuse in her family home. During her years in the system, constant moves from a shelter, to a group home, and back again caused major upheaval. In spite of it all, she still managed to finish high school, but not without tremendous effort and personal sacrifice.

Franklin knew that in order to gain total independence from the system, she was going to have to formulate a plan and follow through on it.

Read more in the Philadelphia Sunday Sun about how Jhanee decided to enroll in JEVS career training school, Orleans Technical College, so that she could prepare for a well paying-career at SEPTA. 

“I went from making $10 an hour at a security job I hated to making $28 an hour here, and I love my job. I owe it all to Orleans Tech.” — Jhanee

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