A message to the JEVS Human Services team from Jay Spector, President and CEO.

JEVS Team:

As I’m writing this, I’m reflecting on another heartbreaking chapter in our national struggle with racism.  I’m thinking about injustice.  I’m worried about our city, our families and those we serve.  It has been a difficult few months, followed by an anguishing week, capped off by violence across our own community and country.  All of this as our frontline staff struggled over the past few days with the aftermath of the riots, curfews and road closures to make their way to work. It seems an understatement to say that we have had some tough days.

So what are we to do?  How can we find the energy to move forward? I think part of the answer lies in remembering that we aren’t alone.  Yesterday, I received a message from Nicki Woods, director of our CareerLink, that read in part, “this was a tough weekend for all of us that came with a lot of mixed emotions. A true flashback to the 1960s. We shall overcome. People walked hand in hand, side by side. Hoping to one day be free. They weren’t alone or afraid. The whole world around. Yes, we shall overcome one day.”

Nicki’s words reminded me of my early days of working for social justice, of being part of a movement bigger than just one person.  Her words also reminded me of our mission at JEVS.  Together, we make hope happen.  We aren’t in it alone. We walk side by side, helping those we serve find opportunity to live  fully realized and connected lives. And in this work lies the seeds of justice and a better world.

So while the world seems especially dark, let’s continue to walk side by side and support positive activities that seek to bring light and attention to the need for equality, justice and real change. There is strength in numbers – in our community and at JEVS Human Services.

Today is primary day, an opportunity to further change by voting for people who reflect your values and will work on your behalf to create change. Please exercise your right to vote.  Get to the polls if you haven’t mailed your ballot.

Stay safe!


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