Sydney is an intern in the JEVS Franklin C. Ash Summer Internship Program, and she is working at our Achievement through Counseling and Treatment (ACT) clinics this summer.

The ACT clinics are state-certified opioid treatment facilities that offer personal solutions and supports to adults seeking medication-assisted treatment for opiate abuse, including outpatient methadone maintenance services and individual, group, and family counseling.

Working virtually, Sydney is co-facilitating groups, working with therapists to learn the day-to-day operations of the clinics, and helping with quality assurance to make sure patients at ACT are still receiving their treatment during the pandemic.

“I am so grateful for my summer internship¬† with ACT,” said Sydney. “By attending Zoom groups and working on weekly reports, I have been able to have an active and engaging summer experience.

“I chose ACT as my placement for the Ash internship because of interests in substance abuse and my goal to pursue a long-term career in mental health. After learning about addiction in my college coursework, I wanted to gain a clearer understanding of the physical and emotional challenges faced by individuals with substance use.

“I hope to have the opportunity to visit the clinic when it reopens and to attend in-person group sessions.”


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