An Eventful Summer

By Julia Conn, Summer Intern in JEVS Communications and Public Affairs Department

My name is Julia Conn and I am a rising junior at Tulane University. Recently, I declared communications as my major with psychology and management minors. With such a wide array of areas of interest, I am unsure what I want do in the near future. I decided that it would be wisest for me to take advantage of this summer and gain exposure to at least one of these areas in a professional setting.

This internship has provided me with a fundamental understanding for the communications field and so much more. I spend four days each week working in the communications department for JEVS Human Services. The other intern, Elyse, and I, have been assigned numerous projects to do independently. These projects include; writing profiles for the Strictly Business Nomination, developing an elaborate social media calendar, learning and teaching HootSuite, a social media platform common in workplace, posting on social media platforms and more. The communications team has made me feel needed, important and included. Members of the team take time out of their busy work days to explain what they are doing which allows me to see more of what I would be doing if I choose to pursue this field. I really appreciate the time and dedication that the department has given to us. I hear about my peers attending internships in a professional setting, having nothing to do and feeling like a nuisance to their superiors. I feel grateful that this has been the contrary to my experience at JEVS.

Combined with the beneficial intern work, the Franklin C. Ash Internship Program has emphasized the importance of doing mitzvahs and connecting to my Jewish heritage. Every Monday, I have the opportunity to be a mentor to high school students enrolled in the Lasko College Prep Program. This has been an extremely gratifying experience. When I was approaching my senior year of high school, I was a nervous wreck. I was still taking standardized tests, having to do college applications, and on top of that I only had one year left with the comforts of home. Being a mentor has allowed me to take my profound knowledge of a stressful time in life, and relieve some of that stress for my mentee. Working with my mentee has further validated my interest in working one-on-one to help others. I find that there is nothing more rewarding than physically seeing how you are helping someone to do or feel better.

On Friday July 9th, both Lasko and Ash interns had the opportunity to volunteer at the Jewish Relief Agency (JRA). Here, we helped to package boxes of food for families. The fulfilling work served as a reminder to appreciate all I have. By organizing these packages that would later be distributed to families, we all helped to reduce just a smidge of worry from these people’s lives. We ended this day by hearing the inspiration, Ernie Gross, tell us his moving story of life during the Holocaust. His words touched each of us. Everyone remained completely silent and attentive as we traveled through Ernie’s journey. Ernie serves as a reminder to me and my peers the importance of spreading kindness, remaining connected to my heritage and the importance of family.

That being said, the Franklin C. Ash internship has exceeded any expectations that I had for a summer internship.

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