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Coordinating Services For Seniors and Adults with Disabilities In Southeastern Pennsylvania

Being home. That’s where so many of us want to stay, even as we age or when a physical limitation makes daily living more challenging. This is why so many turn to JEVS. Serving the community since 1984, JEVS Supports Coordination is a care management program that assists adults to live in their own homes and participate more fully in their communities. Services center on independent living, participant control in choices, and inclusion—all important to the JEVS mission of enhancing individuals’ quality of life.

The individuals we serve may be living with diabetes, multiple sclerosis, high blood pressure, pulmonary diseases, chronic pain, osteoarthritis, kidney disease, spinal cord injuries, neurological injuries, or other health situations that require long-term services and supports.

A dedicated Service Coordinator helps each program participant–whether he/she is a senior or an individual with a physical disability–create and re-evaluate a person-centered care plan for long-term home and community-based services. Service Coordinators are advocates who serve with compassion and professionalism to help individuals connect with an in-home care provider (home health aide), navigate community resources, as well as arrange for home modifications, durable medical equipment, assistive technology, transportation, discharge planning, and personal emergency response systems. In addition, JEVS can assist individuals in avoiding residing in a nursing home or transitioning out of an institutional setting.

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WATCH OUR VIDEO...Being Home. See how JEVS Supports Coordination improves the lives of its participants through the stories of Stephanie, Kenneth and Gabrielle, each with his/her own daily struggles and challenges. Join JEVS's own Gabrielle Abramson for a day in the life of a Service Coordinator, as she visits these inspiring individuals in their homes and ensures their unique needs are being met.

JEVS is a non-profit organization serving Philadelphia, Bucks, Montgomery, Delaware, Chester, and surrounding counties. Home and community-based services may be free for eligible individuals within various waiver programs funded by the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services Office of Long-Term Living.    


“JEVS has been invaluable with helping to alleviate the financial burden of my care.”

- Glen, Supports Coordination Participant
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After becoming paralyzed, Belden was in his thirties and living in a nursing home. He transitioned to living in his own apartment and received supports from JEVS. In 2012, Belden was honored with JEVS Human Services' "Inspiration Award" for working productively in the community, as well as his strength in overcoming obstacles.


Eyal and his parents were directed to JEVS for guidance in exploring the complicated issues involving their family’s move to Philadelphia and what would be required to ensure Eyal’s continued care in his new home. Through JEVS Supports Coordination program, and the unending dedication and optimism of the program’s staff, the Sherman family was connected to the vast resources they needed. Read more about their story here.

63-year-old Kenneth (right) is an insulin-dependent diabetic and sustained nerve damage after receiving gun shot wounds. He walks with a cane and requires daily personal assistance, which JEVS has helped to coordinate for him the past 12 years. Through JEVS he also has a personal emergency alert system.

Stephanie (left) has symptoms of multiple sclerosis. She has entrusted JEVS to coordinate her services so that she can manage her chronic pain and dwindling mobility, Stephanie was able to hire her partner as her direct care worker to assist her with so many of her daily challenges.


Josh was born with cerebral palsy. Despite his disabilities and continuing seizures, he lives independently in his own apartment and works two part-time jobs. JEVS Supports Coordination devised an individualized service plan so that he can receive help getting ready for work and preparing meals. Josh was recently honored with JEVS Human Services' "Inspiration Award." Read more of his story.


Sheila is a long-term Participant with JEVS, initially helping her get back into the workforce after being very sick and with chronic pain, and overcoming addiction. In 2008, she was honored with JEVS Human Services' "Inspiration Award."


In 2005, Gabrielle sustained a spinal cord injury due to a severe car accident. She's thankful to be alive and not living in a nursing home. A JEVS Service Coordinator visits Gabrielle to evaluate her individual service plan, and helps to coordinate the shifts her 7 home health aides work so that Gabrielle gets the help she needs to live at home.


Russell was transitioned out of a nursing home to an apartment complex in Elkins Park, Pa., with help from JEVS. He is very active, volunteering several days a week and recently obtaining his master's degree from Gratz College. Russell had surgery on his foot in the fall of 2016 and can now walk with a cane.


Linda has a rare disease that has left her unable to walk. Her JEVS Service Coordinator worked with the Department of Long-Term Living so that she could receive a new motorized wheelchair and home elevator, as well as home modifications to her bathroom to make her shower more accessible and safe.

Steve & Robyn

Steve became a charter Participant in JEVS' Attendant Care program in 1985, and when he married Robyn, they became involved with the program as a couple. Both Steve and Robyn became paralyzed as a result of spinal cord injuries. The hours of daily care that they receive is coordinated through JEVS Supports Coordination. In 2002, the Kellers were honored with JEVS Human Services' "Inspiration Award."


Solomon has been a Participant with JEVS Supports Coordination for more than a decade. He works full-time and receives daily assistance, which is coordinated to meet the demands of his work schedule. In 2007, Solomon was honored with JEVS Human Services' "Inspiration Award."

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