Tired of breaking your New Year’s career resolutions? Here are three easy promises to yourself – and your career – that you can keep this year, because you’re already doing them!

  1. Do you eat lunch? Make it count by learning to network! As the book “Never Eat Alone” notes, it’s not just about reaching out when you need something – but about staying in touch and being ever-helpful. Hate to read? Want practice? There are plenty of networking workshops you could sign up for!
  2. Keep track of your accomplishments. Do you have space for a notepad on your desk or refrigerator?  What if you took stock each week of the goals you set or what you worked toward that week? It’s so hard to remember what we’ve done – or what we had for lunch – last week, last month, and last year. Evaluate the list every 3-4 months, and you’ll always be on top of your own progress.
  3. To that end, keep your résumé and social media current. If you’re reading this, you’re likely already online! So this is a two-step process – first, having your accomplishments, references and personal statement crafted and ready to go (which you may already have), but also knowing what employers are looking for and what’s changed about job-hunting. Are your online recommendations strong enough? When’s the last time you recommended someone; Why not offer to make a recommendation for someone today? Are you in a creative profession where a short video or alternative résumé might be a good way to highlight your skills? Search for some online examples and smart takeaways – for instance, U.S. News has a terrific careers section filled with advice.

Some people have been fortunate and not had to update their résumé or online profile, or really even interview or network, in a very long time! Perhaps a refresher course or one-on-one coaching on any of these topics might be useful. But as you can see, recognition of our own accomplishments – and being prepared to share them – are quick, easy things to do to prepare for a great 2016.

Happy New Year from JEVS Career Strategies!


–written by Jacqueline Savoy and Gary Lachow, Career Advisors

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