Are you tired of reading job descriptions that appeal to you, but require one or two skills you don’t have? Upskilling might be the next career strategy for you! You may ask, “What is upskilling?” It’s taking time to identify what skills are most important in your desired industry and planning to acquire them in the near future. One of our Career Strategies professionals, Rhonda Cohen, shares where to start.

  1. Ask yourself: do you know the industry and job titles you are most interested in?

If the answer to this question is yes, head over to websites like LinkedIn and Indeed. By looking through the LinkedIn profiles of professionals working in your field to gain knowledge about how they reached their position. Did they get special certifications? Do they tend to have Masters degrees or PhDs? Additionally, Indeed job descriptions can provide important key words to help you write a perfect resume and cover letter, as well as cluing you in to what exactly these roles require. 

  1. Plan based on time required and cost of training 

Your upskilling plan will require your time, and it likely will require some kind of investment in yourself. Evaluate your situation and determine if you are able to take a short-term certification, an online course, or even go back to school full-time. When considering the monetary component, ask yourself if you can afford not to invest in your education and your future. 

  1. Stop by JEVS Career Strategies to consult a career counseling expert

Consider meeting with a Career Counselor at JEVS Career Strategies; their expertise in the job market can help you identify which skills employers need to see in applicants. They can also help you begin the process of identifying your dream career path.  Even if you know exactly what you want your career to be, JEVS Career Strategies can help you create a plan for achieving your goals by meeting you where you are in your job search.  


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