Do you, your children or grandchildren want to help brighten someone’s day while we’re all staying home to stay safe?  Do you have access paper, pens, crayons, markers?

We have an opportunity for you!

JEVS Human Services has community homes that support adults with disabilities.  Like all of us, they are getting restless at home — and they LOVE to get mail.

  • Send cards or notes to our residents with words of encouragement.
  • Send homemade art work.

Not an artist?  Ask your children or grandchildren to draw bright and cheery pictures.  The sun, grass, trees and flowers are great subjects — anything that makes you happy.

Mail your notes and homemade artwork to us and we’ll hand deliver to our community homes.

Mail to JEVS Human Services, 9350 Ashton Road, Suite 201                                                        Philadelphia, PA 19114   Attn: Eleni Krystopa

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