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We spoke with one of our partners at Rivers Casino, Emily Dones. She shared her experience volunteering with JEVS.

Q: You could choose to spend your time with many organizations. Why do you volunteer at JEVS Human Services?

A: Rivers Casino Philadelphia (Formerly SugarHouse Casino) has partnered with JEVS for many years. Recently, we committed ourselves to spending more time volunteering with the different programs within JEVS, not just the job recruitment aspect. I enjoy working with the JEVS leadership.

Q: What kinds of volunteer activities have you participated in? Do you have a favorite and, if so, why?   

A: We’ve participated in several activities, including career fairs, Q&A sessions, mock interviews, and panel discussions. Recently, my favorite activity has been the mock interviews with the TechServ students. The students are clearly so proud of their progress and accomplishments and have worked hard to prepare for the interviews. It also allows us to provide some mentorship advice and remain humble to the fact that we have all started out as young professionals. I am thrilled that JEVS continued these programs and tailored them to a COVID-19 world.

Q: What would you say to others thinking about volunteering at JEVS?

A: There is so much joy in a JEVS partnership. You are introduced to an amazing team of program managers who, over time, become more than colleagues, they become friends. The program participants come from diverse backgrounds and you will have no problem finding your volunteering niche- whether it’s professional development, women and family services, GED programs, or simply helping the general mission.

Interested in volunteering at JEVS Human Services? Visit our Volunteer page to learn about upcoming opportunities.

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