Melvin Cave

With support from a JEVS hireAbility employment specialist, Melvin landed a position at Forman Mills.

Forman Mills in Deptford has been proud supporter of JEVS Human Services and hireAbility for many years.
hireAbility employment specialists Karen Dawson and Peter Dawson, met with the Retail Development Specialist for Forman Mills and introduced her to Melvin Cave.

Melvin was hired instantaneously due to his infectious smile and personality. Due to the bus schedule, they allow Melvin to come in early and work with his schedule.  They are always so thankful and happy to see him and always say what a great job he does.  Melvin is one of the few people who actually enjoys all aspects of his job!

Forman Mills is great with words of affirmation – always telling him what a great job he does!

We are proud to partner with Forman Mills and recognize them with everything the do to support Melvin!

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