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About JEVS Human Services


Making Hope Happen

At JEVS Human Services, we believe in giving people possibilities—opportunities to be self-sufficient and satisfied. Each year we touch nearly 25,000 lives, focusing on individuals with physical, developmental, and emotional challenges as well as those facing adverse socio-economic conditions including unemployment and underemployment.

It’s our mission to Make Hope Happen today while creating meaningful change for tomorrow. JEVS stakeholders work to shape and influence public policy to better serve the populations who need us most. Acting in collaboration with our advocacy partners, JEVS works to create sustainable solutions to the underlying issues facing the people we serve.

It’s our mission to Make Hope Happen today while creating meaningful change for tomorrow.

Since our inception, JEVS Human Services has been committed to the Jewish principles of Tzedakah and Tikkun Olam. Tzedakah refers to the religious obligation to ‘do what is right and just’ and is also the Hebrew word for ‘charity.’ Tikkun Olam is also a Hebrew phase for ‘repairing the world.’

Operating with an annual budget of nearly $100 million, JEVS Human Services has 1,000 employees and two dozen successful programs providing skills development, job readiness and career services, vocational rehabilitation, recovery services, adult and residential day services, and in-home personal assistance.

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