By Thomas H.

JEVS Care at Home (JCAH) provides non-medical home care to seniors and adults with disabilities. “Non-medical” care includes help with personal care (grooming, bathing, dressing), and “activities of daily living,” including light housekeeping, meal preparation, laundry, and other essential tasks. JCAH caregivers also provide help with transitions from hospital to home, companionship, and other services.

Jess Howard is JCAH’s Director of Recruiting and Retention. She plays a vital role in making JCAH one of the most respected home care providers in Pennsylvania. Jess manages JCAH’s team of recruiters who actively seek outstanding caregivers to join our team. She also leads our business development efforts, supporting JCAH’s Community Engagement Specialists as they develop relationships in the community and spread word about JCAH’s award-winning services. The “retention” part of Jess’s title applies to clients and employees alike. JCAH understands how important it is to maintain a work culture that supports employees and recognizes them for their contributions. As a result, JCAH has been recognized as both a Provider and an Employer of choice in the 2024 Best of Home Care awards, presented by Home Care Pulse.

We spoke with Jess recently about her career journey, her passion for home care, and what it’s like to work at JCAH.

You have an interesting and varied professional background. What prompted you to begin working in home care?

I was looking for a career change and was referred to someone who ran several home care offices. I eventually interviewed with that company and stayed there for 16 years. I fell in love with home care and one-on-one care.

Tell us a bit about how JEVS Care at Home is different from other Home Care providers.

Here at JCAH, we have an in-house nursing team, which is rare for home care agencies. We are very focused on providing the highest-quality care for our clients. That is why we’ve earned several prestigious industry awards. We also care about our employees and want to set them up to succeed and stay with us to grow within the home care field. Plus, as an affiliate of JEVS Human Services, a leading nonprofit in Philadelphia, we operate with JEVS’ backing and support on all levels. 

Given the great demand for caregivers in the Philadelphia area, why should caregivers work for JCAH rather than another agency?

We have a uniquely supportive and positive work culture. We offer great benefits. Also, employees can train with our nursing team to develop highly sought-after skills, like CPR and Dementia-capable care. Everyone at JCAH has a shared purpose to provide caring, personal services.

Tell us about a few of the qualities or skills that make for an outstanding caregiver.

The best caregivers are empathic, caring, responsive, genuine, people-focused, and driven. 

When you are speaking to someone who is unsure whether home care is right for them, what do you tell them to help them decide?

I have seen the power of home care. The care and support that caregivers provide enables people to age in place rather than move to a long-term care facility. That is powerful. I would love for my parents to be able to stay in their home and receive quality care. Home care can make that possible.

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