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Jess Baer – Director 

Jess is an impassioned believer in empowering individuals through education. She believes that education is the way to move the needle towards positive personal and societal impact. Jess is the Director of EduConnect where she helps to oversee the daily and longterm success of the program, to maintain relationships with higher educational partners and employers, and to provide resources and programming for adult learners.  Her background is in education, originally as a middle school teacher and then supporting school operations for ten years at a charter school in Brooklyn, NY.  Jess earned her Masters in General Education at the Relay Graduate School of Education and her Bachelors in Organizational Psychology at the University of Michigan.



Cheryl Liedman – Community Engagement Manager  

Cheryl has been the Community Engagement Manager with JEVS EduConnect since 2019. She has been recruiting for education for over 10 years. She loves talking to new people and doesn’t care how big the crowd is. Cheryl’s excitement for education is contagious. She is honestly animated to talk about educational opportunities. You can’t help being motivated by her. Cheryl works with our students individually from thinking about going to school, to how the education can help you. She is available to help fill out financial aid, get your transcripts and register for school. Up until our student starts school, Cheryl is there to hold your hand for emotional support if you need her. For each student she is very enthusiastic about them starting a new chapter in their life leading to a happier, more fulfilling job. Cheryl achieved her BS from Drexel University in Community Services and Education. 




Shadeed Sabir – Success Coach

Shadeed is a secondary education coach at Jevs Edu Connect. He has 10 + years working in the human services and mental health field. He is and advocate for those willing to put in the work to support their dream and aspiration. A natural motivator in helping students realize their potential. Through his years in working in human services he recognizes that students come from many backgrounds and challenges, and in those challenges he helps students cultivate their strengthens to achieve their goals.



Karen Clarke – Lead Success Coach 

Karen Clarke believes that knowledge has the power to change each and everything, and as a coach she can distribute that among the individuals she serves. Karen has earned a BA in Film and Animation from the University of the Arts, which contributes to her ability to apply innovative ideas in a variety of situations. Also, a graduate of Southern New Hampshire University, Karen holds a BA in Business Management that has given her a global perspective and a broad understanding of business in specific areas. Her passion for mentoring, motivating, and empowering those she serves stems from her inventiveness and revolutionary approach on life. 



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