This month Gary Lachow, JEVS Career Strategies Job Development Specialist, explains why the summer is actually a great time to job search.

Many job seekers have heard from family or friends that one time or another during the year is the best time to apply for jobs. Others tell us that there are certain months to avoid seeking a new position. I am here today to say smile nicely at these advice givers but think about the following:

Wouldn’t it make sense to apply for jobs at a time when most people are away on vacation, distracted by other summertime plans or think employers are taking a break from reviewing resumes? Wouldn’t that be great if there was a month when less job seekers were looking – hence less competition? If so – welcome to August!

While admittingly there may not be as many jobs posted in the depths of summer, now is the perfect time to start or continue a job search. Many active job seekers take a break during August and start up again in the Fall meaning when you find your dream job, employers will be reviewing less resumes, reading fewer cover letters and having far fewer candidates to choose from. Sounds pretty good to me!

Even if you are not ready to start your new position this month, remember most job searches take at least a few months if not longer.  So, today is a great time to reach out to JEVS Career Strategies and our team of career counselors who have been helping many people get back to work even during the pandemic. Our experienced staff know how to get your resume noticed by using the right key words, write a more compelling cover letter when needed, and finally how to help you separate yourself from the competition this month and beyond. A job search, as you know, can be lonely and frustrating. So, why not turn to proven experts who have a track record of helping people just like you.

So, here is the plan- take some down time during the summer but put aside at least a few hours per day or several times a week to search for a position when employers are seeing the fewest candidates. Don’t forget to bring Career Strategies along for the ride – one that will hopefully be less bumpy and winding than if you did it yourself!


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