Graduates have their portraits taken as they wait in line for the ceremony to begin.

Graduates in the JEVS Work Ready program receive their high school diplomas at a ceremony in Center City Philadelphia.

Alberta Lloyd, Instructor for JEVS Human Services congratulates the graduates, “Most of you today realized that your infrastructure for growth, was greeted with obstacles and challenges. However, you had faith, you believed in your inner abilities. You had enough patience to see the promise and dismiss the pressure. You have released that fear and unwillingness so you could see your way to a brighter tomorrow. Feeling sorry for yourselves was not part of your plan. You could have taken the easy way out and just quit. However, you are overcomers who knew obtaining your high school diploma was the master key that unlocked tangible doors. By enrolling in the Penn Foster program through JEVS Work Ready, you have made a conscious decision to take back your life. Think about it, if you never went through any thing in life, you would never know where your strength lies. Remember you cannot grow without facing opposition to your vision. But you are much stronger than you think”.

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