At JEVS, we are dedicated to supporting individuals facing various challenges, from physical and developmental obstacles to unemployment and underemployment. Our diverse range of programs supports individuals in creating sustainable paths to independence and economic security.

JEVS provides services for nearly every age group in Pennsylvania, Delaware, and New Jersey. For individuals with disabilities, JEVS offers support services at home, in the workplace, and within the community.

Individuals starting or changings careers can explore education and training in healthcare, building trades, and IT. JEVS also has programs for youth and young adults who want to get a high school diploma equivalent and skills training for a future career.

JEVS’ programs include services and resources to support returning citizens and individuals with justice system involvement.

We provide job search support and career counseling services, including specific programs for those ages 55 years and older.

JEVS’ non-medical, in-home care services meet the needs of individuals with disabilities and older adults. These programs offer support that helps people maintain independence at home and in their daily lives.

JEVS also provides comprehensive behavioral healthcare services for adults in Pennsylvania, with a dedicated team committed to supporting mental health and well-being.

From Workforce Development to Career and Technical Education, Community Living and Home Support, and JEVS Care at Home, JEVS’ programs work together to help people meet their goals. Click here to explore the range of available programs.

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