JEVS Human Services (JEVS)’ internship program provides students with real-world experience and supports various departments and programs within the organization. Previously, JEVS hosted about five interns per year, but now the program is company-wide. Seven interns work and one social work filed placement work across the organization. JEVS’ programs work with interns to support their professional growth through direct industry experience.

These interns come from diverse educational backgrounds and are matched with opportunities that align with their interests and availability. Interns like Alpha West from Drexel University’s Communication, Culture, and Media program are gaining valuable experience while contributing to JEVS’ mission.

The internship program not only benefits the students by providing mentorship and hands-on experience but also provides crucial support to JEVS programs. Interns assist with projects, social media outreach, curriculum development, and more, which adds value to the organization while building skills for their future careers.

Interns work across four departments/programs and fill six different roles. JEVS is excited to continue and expand the internship opportunities. The internship program serves as a pipeline for future hires and enriches the experiences of both interns and program participants. 

JEVS recognizes the following interns, listed with their university and the JEVS’ department they support:

  • Alpha West, Drexel, Marketing, Communications Department
  • Brianna Misseri, Cabrini University, Employment Specialist, Work Ready
  • Daniela Fernandez, St.  Joseph’s University, Culture & Well-being, Human Resources
  • Edward Ovalle, Temple, Recruiting, Community Living and Home Support
  • Melanie Grainger, Rowan, Recruiting, Human Resources
  • Steven Olshin, Rutgers, Communications Support Counselor, Philadelphia Independence Network
  • Susana Hresko, St. Joseph’s University, Employment Specialist, Work Ready
  • Yiyang Hu, UPenn, Curriculum Development, Work Ready

JEVS also appreciates the time and support of the following JEVS mentors: Megdalia Cintron, Joy Smith-Groomes, Stephanie Marchak, David Square, Marc Tannenbaum, Mark Webb, and Tyra White. Special thanks to mentor and facilitator, Allison Kaminksy.

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