JEVS Human Services is excited to announce its new partnership with Peirce College to expand educational opportunities through its JEVS EduConnect program, which connects individuals with an accredited, flexible education option they need to advance their education and transform their lives. Philadelphia’s only college dedicated exclusively to serving adults, Peirce offers undergraduate and graduate degree programs and certificates, and the ability for students to embed stackable professional certifications into their academic programs. 

JEVS EduConnect represents an integrated approach to helping adults in the community—many who have families to support and other socioeconomic obstacles to continuing and completing a post-secondary education—to pursue a learning path that not only accommodates their scheduling needs, but fits their interests, immediate career goals, and lifelong ambitions. The unique element of the program is the support and guidance of JEVS success coaches who work with each student from enrollment through to the end of their program. Individuals will get results-directed support throughout their journey—from identifying their needs and goals, to applying for financial aid, to choosing the right degree type, area of interest and programming, to continued career guidance making them more valuable to current or potential new employers. 

Peirce’s Advanced Education for Advanced Career Options 

JEVS piloted its EduConnect program in January 2019 to change the landscape of post-secondary education in this region by partnering with an accredited university to provide access to higher education that was relevant and directly tied to the workforce. Uniting with Peirce College significantly expands the options and opportunities JEVS can offer to the Philadelphia community. Students can enroll in two associate programs offered by Peirce, including the AS in Business Administration and AS in Health Information Technology.

“Peirce is excited to partner with JEVS to expand their EduConnect program and provide live instruction embedded into our online class experience,” said Brad Hodge, vice president for Enrollment Management and Student Services at Peirce College. “Our expertise serving adult learners and delivering career-integrated advising combined with the coaching provided by JEVS will empower more students to advance their education and transform their lives. We believe this partnership is key to our work helping the region’s recovery.”

Peirce brings an added level of flexibility and adult-centered programming to the JEVS EduConnect. Topping the list are: 

  • the ability to enroll several times per year
  • the ability to earn credit for what you already know through Peirce’s prior learning assessment program
  • the ability to earn a stackable professional certification as part of the degree program
  • the ability to obtain an accelerated degree
  • more extensive offerings in in-demand fields, such as business, health care, IT, organizational leadership, human services leadership, and human resources

“The new relationship with Peirce allows JEVS EduConnect to offer high quality education to a wider variety of students. Some students appreciate fully online learning while others need live, synchronous learning…and Peirce is able to offer both,” said Jessica Baer, director of JEVS EduConnect. “Our mission is very much aligned with Peirce’s mission, who shares our drive to empower working adults to move forward in their education, careers and personal fulfillment. It has been a pleasure to strategically plan with Peirce so far, and we are looking forward to continuing to strengthen our partnership with students in the center of our decision-making.” 

Ready to Go Back to School?

Many of the adults seeking post-secondary education support from JEVS are in the 30-40-year-old age range and looking for meaningful career changes that will be supported by them having a  degree or advanced career credentials. In addition, given that JEVS focuses on educational support for adults trying to balance work, school and family responsibilities, Peirce’s virtual learning expertise with a live option were significant “selling points” for partnership, says Baer. 

“When you look at the profile of adults coming to JEVS, they want expediency and quality, as well as affordability and convenience, when it comes to completing their degree,” said Baer. “Our coaching model coupled with Peirce’s academic support will set students up for success on their journey toward degree attainment and career advancement.” 

“With the pandemic driving so much uncertainty in our world over the past two years, this program and the opportunities we now offer in partnership with Peirce couldn’t be better timed,” said Baer. “More than just offering a path to a college degree, we’re giving people an achievable way to see and work toward a promising future.” 


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