Members of JEVS Human Services’ Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) Council recently taught medical assistant trainees at the University of Pennsylvania about the importance of DEI at work. One goal is to help students learn to communicate with individuals from different backgrounds – a critical skill in patient care.

JEVS director of employment services, Souley Fall, was a training facilitator. Fall said, “To hear of the (no exaggeration) life-changing effects this [the DEI training] had on the graduating students is nothing short of extraordinary. The stories the students told revealed to me just how important it is to share information about diversity, equity and inclusion, especially with young people as they enter the workforce.”

The curriculum is rooted in the shared learning and personal experiences of JEVS DEI Council members. The training is part of a program enhancements subcommittee of the JEVS DEI Council. The curriculum is also used with clients and students within JEVS programs.

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