Career Connected Learning PHL (C2L-PHL) poised to transform Philadelphia’s workforce landscape, offering more varied and comprehensive opportunities for youth

PHILADELPHIA –  The City of Philadelphia (the City), the School District of Philadelphia(the District), and Philadelphia Works (PhilaWorks) today announced they are aligning to better support the career development of Philadelphia’s youth. “Career Connected Learning PHL” (C2L-PHL) is a new city-wide youth workforce initiative that will integrate and streamline work-based learning activities, thereby broadening opportunities for Philadelphia youth to achieve career success.

Beginning this summer, the project will place 8,000 young people ages 12 to 24 in summer employment, and will expand opportunities for year-round work-based learning activities to 2,000 young people.

The initiative is a significant step forward for Philadelphia’s youth workforce system, reinforcing the city’s commitment to providing high-quality, career-connected learning activities for young people.

C2L-PHL replaces the WorkReady program which, during the past decade, placed thousands of Philadelphia youth in paid work experiences during the summer and school year.

Vanessa Garrett Harley, Director for the Office of Children and Families said, “C2L-PHL will offer many of our young people their first experience in the workforce and will help them discover the many pathways that they can take to build life-sustaining and thriving careers.”

“Providing our students with opportunities to gain valuable skills that prepare them to realize any future they desire is critical,” said Jermaine Dawson, Ed.D., deputy superintendent of academic services for the School District of Philadelphia. “This partnership signifies an important investment in our youth, one that we hope engages them in Philadelphia’s workforce and economy for generations to come.”

H. Patrick Clancy, president and CEO at Philadelphia Works, said, “We are deeply committed to fostering open communication, ensuring that all stakeholders are kept well-informed and involved in our shared vision. It is with great enthusiasm that we continue our partnership with the City, the District, and the exceptional organizations that are connected to C2L-PHL. This collaboration signifies a turning point towards establishing a more streamlined, impactful, and equitable youth workforce system for the future of Philadelphia.”

JEVS Human Services (JEVS) has been selected to serve as the fiscal and contracting intermediary for C2L-PHL. JEVS will support program operations, employer engagement, program oversight, and fiscal management. 
The C2L-PHL partnership is committed to collaborating with stakeholders to support students and young adults to navigate the myriad of career opportunities available for them to grow, learn, earn, and stay in Philadelphia.

C2L-PHL enrollment opens in Spring 2024. Youth and their caregivers should periodically check the website at for updated information about the program.

For questions about C2L-PHL, email: [email protected].


About Career Connected Learning PHL (C2L-PHL):
C2L-PHL is a city-wide collaboration for work-based learning and career exploration opportunities serving Philadelphia’s youth ages 12-24. From career awareness to job experience, these activities connect the reality of work to the learning environment. C2L-PHL is Philly’s version of career connected learning, a proven, nationwide model. Led by the City of Philadelphia, the School District of Philadelphia, and Philadelphia Works, our approach has three goals for youth:
1. Access, experience, and explore different career paths and fields
2. Work on the tools and skills needed to explore, set, and achieve career goals
3. Identify and utilize strengths and passions to inform career decisions


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