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In-Home Supports


In-Home Supports allow adults with intellectual disabilities to live in the comfort of their own home and maintain their independence with the support of committed caregivers.

Individuals are supported and encouraged to make their own choices, develop new abilities, and cultivate their special talents in their homes and communities.


  • Customized services and supports designed to respond to the needs of the individual and the primary caregiver
  • Shopping and cleaning assistance
  • Participation in community activities, recreation
  • Financial counseling, money management
  • Access to medical appointments
  • Help and support for individuals to connect with others in their natural surroundings or to integrate into their communities


Adults and young adults, living in their own homes, who need assistance to continue to live independently.  Must be approved for Medicaid waiver or have other funding commitment. 


Funding for eligible participants is available through the Pennsylvania State Waiver Program.  If ineligible for funding, inquire about a private pay fee. 

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