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The Community Integrated Recovery Center, or CIRC, is a place that assists people dealing with serious mental illness. They help individuals reach their recovery goals by offering therapy, education, community involvement, and job training.

The program supports participants in improving their skills, learning how to cope with challenges, and achieving personal goals in different parts of their lives, like living, learning, working, and socializing.

Through different on-site and community activities, CIRC promotes overall well-being, independence, and becoming a part of the community.

Additionally, CIRC offers special services for those with other disabilities at the same time, including treatments like prolonged exposure therapy, mobile psychiatric rehabilitation, and outpatient support.


  • Career exploration and employment volunteer opportunities
  • Assistance to develop natural supports and use of community resources
  • Helpful tips for traveling
  • Mental health education groups
  • Evidence-based practices, including Cognitive Enhancement Therapy (CET)*, Prolonged Exposure and Illness Management and Recovery
  • Psychiatric treatment, including medication management and therapy
  • Grief and loss support
  • Support from Certified Peer Specialists
  • Skills training, including coping, socialization, communication and life skills
  • Problem-solving and decision-making skill development
  • Fitness and healthy cooking guidance

*JEVS is the only psychiatric rehabilitation program in Philadelphia to offer CET


  • CIRC is open to adults living with a mental health challenge and who meet Philadelphia County Office of Behavioral Health eligibility requirements or qualify for funding from Community Behavioral Health. 



CIRC is free for individuals who qualify for funding from Community Behavioral Health. A sliding fee scale is available for those who are not covered by Community Behavioral Health. 


9350 Ashton Road, Suite 201
Philadelphia, PA 19114


Monday – Friday
8 am – 4 pm


TEL: 267.350.8600
EMAIL: [email protected]

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