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From No Graduation to Two

Meet Anthony

Anthony was raised by his Great Aunt Floss after his biological mother abandoned him at the hospital.  Financial pressures and frustration with school led him to make a regrettable decision.  After attending private school until 8th grade, Anthony dropped out.  But when his friends began to graduate from high school, he was feeling down and wanted to figure out how he could get up on the graduation stage, too.

"I went from having no graduations to two. One from Project WOW and one from Orleans Tech's Plumbing and Heating program. It feels awesome. It feels like I won the Superbowl or the World Series." 

A Perfect Opportunity

When he knew it was time for a change, Anthony enrolled in Project WOW, a property maintenance and GED prep program.  In just four months, he completed his GED, graduated at the top of his class and discovered he had a new zest for learning, leading him to enroll in the six-month Plumbing and Heating program at JEVS’ Orleans Technical College.

Fast Forward

Now employed at Lofts 640, Anthony is excited for his future and armed with the credentials he needs to succeed.


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