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Finding His Calling

Meet Cory

Up until middle school, Cory would go to a different elementary school every year because there wasn’t a program that could fit his learning style. He was kept in the dark about his diagnosis until his learning support teacher took him out of class one day and told him that he had a certain case of autism called Asperger’s.  With this revelation came a new understanding of his struggles and his strengths.

"(Without JEVS) I would've never known which way to go, what to do, without that professional advice and guidance. The old adage "it takes a village," I don't think there's any truer phrase than that."

A Desire to Help

While attending West Chester University, Cory participated in JEVS’ Franklin C. Ash Summer Internship program. As the first Ash intern with his diagnosis, Cory sought an opportunity to help others. Between interning at JCHAI (the Judith Creed Horizons for Achieving Independence) and mentoring a JEVS’ Lasko College Prep Program student also on the autism spectrum, Cory quickly became an inspiration. He graduated magna cum laude from West Chester University in 2014 and was hired at JCHAI.

Finding His Calling

Cory took advantage of post-graduation career services at JEVS Career Strategies to sharpen his social and communication skills and to set clear personal and career goals. He now works at Special People in the Northeast (SPIN) in their Autism Center of Excellence, a clinic for individuals on the autism spectrum and related disorders. He is also pursuing his master’s degree. The significant challenges that might have stood in his way became a launching pad for a promising career in disability services.

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