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From Drop Out to New Start

Meet Greg

Frustrated and bored in high school, Greg dropped out, fell in with a crowd that worried his mother, and worked a series of dead-end, entry-level jobs. After four attempts to pass his GED on his own, he was disheartened; he gave up and figured he was going nowhere.

"My life has been like a roller coaster. Project WOW helped me to refocus, get my GED and find my way.  They got me to where I am today."  

A New Start

His aunt heard about Project WOW, a property maintenance and GED prep program, where he could build real work skills and finally finish his degree.  With the new enthusiasm and motivation that came with great classroom support and hands-on learning, Greg became his class representative (like class president), completed his GED and landed a great job servicing industrial and commercial kitchen equipment.

Fast Forward

Greg has enjoyed success on-the-job and in his personal life.  He’s married, a new home owner and a proud father of a toddler.

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