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Help With Life’s Transitions

Meet Heather

Heather had a 15 year career in the banking industry before a layoff and an extended period of unemployment.  Disenchanted by her former field and frustrated by countless hours of on-line job searching and the occasional impersonal career workshop, she knew she needed a new strategy to find her next career. Heather turned to JEVS.

“I spent hours looking on-line.  I went to other programs.  Nowhere did I find the personalized, individual attention that I received at JEVS.  I felt so welcomed every time I came in.”  

A Career Crossroads

At Career Strategies, Heather found the personal support and guidance she needed. With her counselor’s help, she reinvented herself for a career in bookkeeping.  By repackaging her skills and experience, honing her job search skills and with a new confidence boost, she was soon on her way to career success.

Success By All Accounts

Heather found a position with a company that valued her considerable skills and encouraged her interest in other areas of the companies operations.  Within a year, she was promoted from Bookkeeper to a Human Resources position and began training for this new opportunity with her employer.  It’s been two years since Heather came to Career Strategies and she can’t believe she ever hesitated to make that first call.

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