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A Bright Future

Meet Mariah

It’s hard to imagine managing the chaos of life with a parent in the grips of addiction, let alone the challenges of poverty and chronic illness, but this was young Mariah’s story. She attended more than a dozen different schools, as her education was frequently disrupted by this turmoil. Mariah’s mother’s chronic health problems compelled Mariah to assume added caregiving responsibilities for her siblings, supporting them financially while helping her mother manage health issues. After completing 8th grade, she never enrolled in high school.

"Before I came to Project WOW, I was probably more unsatisfied with myself. I didn't have a lot of hope for my future.  I wasn't really sure where I was going or how long it was gonna take me to get there.  And then being here, it kind of put everything on track, I could see where I was going."

Turning Things Around

In the summer of 2015, Mariah’s world began to change when she enrolled in JEVS Project WOW, a program for high school dropouts that prepares students with the job skills, life skills and the GED or diploma they need for life success.

Mariah blossomed, graduating with her GED and a job-and career-in the insurance industry. She works full-time at Kramer Insurance Center in Langhorne and hopes to pass her licensure exam.

A Bright Future

Now equipped with the tools she needs to succeed, Mariah has many goals that she plans to achieve. She is currently a full-time student at Community College of Philadelphia where she is studying psychology.  Mariah is building the stable, happy life she longed for as a child.

Media Mentions

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