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The "Mayor" of Shore Medical Center

Meet Stephen

Stephen was born with a rare genetic disorder known as Soto Syndrome, and when he graduated in 2019 from the Atlantic County Special Services School District (ACSSSD), his future path was unclear. Through a School-to-Work program at ACSSSD he was placed at Shore Medical Center where he worked in the linen department and had great success, but that experience ended with graduation.

Stephen is a ray of sunshine. He could work anywhere but he wants to be at Shore Medical.

Kim Callahan, JEVS hireAbility Employment Specialist

Stephen began working with JEVS’ hireAbility program, which offers  supports  to assist individuals living with a disability or chronic disease by preparing them for competitive employment and community integration. Stephen let the JEVS team know that he wished to return to work at Shore Medical Center, so Career Navigator Kim Callahan spoke with the manager about Stephen’s strengths based off of his prior experience. They negotiated a 2-day-week to start, and Stephen was back working at Shore Medical Center just after graduation.

When the pandemic hit, Stephen’s manager allowed him to stay home until he felt comfortable, but when he returned in July, he felt uncomfortable wearing a mask. The JEVS team then worked with Stephen’s mom to try a different style of mask. After great success, an opportunity arose for Stephen to work 5-days-a-week, and he jumped at the chance.

Known to his colleagues as the center’s “Mayor,” Stephen handles deliveries and is flourishing. Everyone who works with Stephen says he is a major asset to their team, and Shore Medical Center has created a work environment where he can thrive.

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