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Single Mom, New Start

Meet Wendy

Wendy suddenly became a single Mom in 2010. She was working two jobs to make ends meet, one at a grocery market where she had been for more than 30 years, the other for a senator. She was faced with becoming unemployed in 2015, because the store was closing and office downsizing. Wendy didn’t know how she was going to support two busy teenagers—one going into college and one graduating high school—while taking care of medical bills, her home, food, and such, on no income.

“I’m a single Mom with two kids. Losing both of my jobs. I was scared. JEVS is a place to go if you need someone in your corner to help you pull it together.”

Time to Reflect and Regroup

Wendy hadn’t looked for a job in many years. She didn’t want to become another statistic: a mature job seeker out of work for months on end. So she embraced this life-changing experience by turning to JEVS Career Strategies. Wendy was aware of JEVS because her kids participated in JEVS’ free year-long college prep and internship through our Lasko College Prep Program. Her career counselor helped her evaluate her experience and create a résumé, and encouraged her to build up her skills at JEVS, like brushing up on Excel and using a computer. “It is hard to ask for help sometimes, especially when you’re strong, independent for the most part, and then you have these major changes in your life. There are so many people who don’t know where to start.”

Getting Back on Track

Wendy was now prepared to get back in the game. Career Strategies coached her for a job interview at JEVS’ career training school, Orleans Technical College. She was hired as a student data records clerk. Her supervisor says Wendy is hard-working, willing to go the extra mile and provides great customer service to students. For Wendy, losing her jobs gave her the opportunity to be introspective, refocus and pave a new, positive future for her family.

VOICES OF JEVS—Listen to Wendy’s story, in her own words

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