Franco Fusaro

Franco has partnered with JEVS for many years. We first met him when he was with a major financial institution headquartered in NJ.

When Franco left a job, he never forgot JEVS. He made sure that he kept in contact with hireAbility Employment Specialist, Rhonda Rogers.

When he joined the Virtua Health recruiting team, Franco brought JEVS with him. He has been instrumental in assisting Rhonda by giving her clients the opportunity to enter the financial world, helping her clients through the entire process.

Franco was instrumental in assisting clients obtain an interview with Virtua and many have obtained long term positions. In addition to employment opportunities, for our clients, he hosts job clubs, conducts mock interviews, assists with client resumes and council’s clients on job preparation.

Franco makes time to assist JEVS with anything employment related.  He’s accompanied Rhonda to meet and greet events even when they start at 7:00am!

There is one attribute that cannot be manufactured, bought, copied, or underestimated, is the human spirit. Franco has that spirit, which is why we honor him with the Outstanding Service Award.

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