Giovanny Galarza

Giovanny was referred to hireABility by his girlfriend. He shared that he had decided to go to college after graduating high school, but it was online and found it difficult without the in-person support. Gio decided to enter the workforce.

Giovanny was referred to the Department of Vocational Services (DVRS) when he chose JEVS hireAbility as his provider of service. Gio discussed several options for employment with his job coach Kim Callahan and applied to Sodexo, a food service company for the Atlantic City School District.

Gio was nervous but did great on his interview. He was hired by Sodexo in January 2020. Since then, Chef Joe Hendri has taken Gio under his wing. He is always there to support Gio and has given him many different tasks in the kitchen, all of which he has mastered.

Gio has a great work ethic and his commitment to his position. He is always offering to help co-workers or identifying a task that needs done and doing it. Gio received the first ever Employee of the Month Award!

The hireAbility team is so proud of Gio and how he values his position with Sodexo and how he has worked so hard to prove himself. Gio is not only making strides in his employment, but he is also taking steps to increase his independence at home.

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