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Apprenticeship FAQs

What are the associated costs?

• Apprentice wages and benefits; mentor time/productivity; supplies, uniforms, and equipment; tuition, books, and classroom materials
• Costs vary depending on the apprenticeship position and terms (salary, training duration, location of classroom instruction, etc)

Are there any cost savings?

• Long term ROI: reduced turnover and development of skilled staff (increased production/reduced mistakes)
• Reduced recruitment and hiring expenses
• Progressive wage scale can help offset costs
• Potential for public funds to help recover costs

What if apprentices lack prior experience/skills?

• We connect you to candidates immersed in training, career readiness, and internship programs
• Candidate’s skills gaps are assessed prior to hire and training plan can address deficits
• Connection to pre-apprenticeships and other talent pipelines allow for extended assessments prior to hire
• Prospective candidates can be connected to further upskilling and training prior to being hired

Is there a risk of poaching?

• There is no evidence of poaching of apprentices that exceeds existing turn-over
• Investments in employees can increase loyalty

Are apprenticeships only for the building trades and labor unions?

• Apprenticeships can be created for most positions in nearly any industry
• Apprenticeships can be established for both non-union and union positions

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