By Jade A. Daniels

JEVS Direct Support Professionals (DSP) are the backbone of services to individuals with disabilities. Their dedication, patience, and support to participants is invaluable. Leon has worked as a DSP at JEVS for 14 years. He shared with us what it takes to be a DSP.

JEVS: How long have you been a DSP? 

LEON: About 10 years. 

JEVS: What made you want to become a DSP? 

LEON: A little bit more responsibility. Well, I get to go to doctors’ appointments with them. Shopping. Whatever they need, you know, I try to be there for them. 

JEVS: So, what do you think is the most rewarding part about what you do? 

LEON: When they remember things that you do for them. Yeah, they appreciate you. And it’s like an extended family if you will. Because we work so closely with them every day, day in, day out. It’s like a family. 

JEVS: What characteristics do you think you need to become a DSP? 

LEON: First I’d say patience. So much patience!  The second is the willingness to help others.  

JEVS: What else would you like us to know?

LEON: There’s a reward at the end of the day, just by serving. 

Follow this link to learn more about working as a Direct Support Professional.  

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